• Occasionally, a well loved Warm Charm gets bloated with trapped air, which might reduce its maximum heat. This is due to bubbles formed from the water being repeatedly heated. Fear not! – the air can be released: The following steps are much easier with a warm unit – but please wait for a safe temperature before handling.

  • Place the unplugged unit on a flat surface that can cope with spilt water and away from any electronics or precious items

    1/ Locate the white cap towards the corner. Pull away the cap taking care not to snap the pins. A spoon handle can be helpful.

  • 2/ Pry away the stopper at the centre of the clear port. A small screw driver can be helpful. Beware leaking water! – by raising the opened corner with your spare hand, you can control this release and help trapped air escape.

  • 3/ Once the stopper is out, press down gently on the unit to expel trapped air. If nothing is released - try inserting a slim object to hold open the internal valve. You should be able to hear air hissing out. You can also top-up the water in the event of a big spill.

    Take care to replace the stopper and cap, and ensure that the charging port is dry before using again.

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