Longer lasting heat, safer and hygienic

Our Heat Packs work like a sealed electric hot water bottle that charges up in minutes. These maintain warmth for hours and can simply be recharged when cooled.

Large Heat Pack with Cover

Includes a hardwearing, sturdy cover with a hand strap.

In a larger size which makes it easy to hug, and to apply heat to a larger area.

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Mini Heat Pack with Cover

Smaller and lighter, with a soft cover.

Effectively focus the heat to relax a stiff neck and shoulders, ease muscle aches and soreness.

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  • Fast and Easy Charging in under 10mins

    Simply plug in the charger and the Heat Pack is ready to use in less than 10mins.

  • No microwave or boiling of the kettle is required!

    The Warm Charm's Heat Packs are much safer and convenient to use than a hot water bottle, microwavable wheat bags and gel packs. No more worrying about spills and scalding yourself with hot water.

  • Advanced Heating Technology

    The electric unit is completely and safely encased, separate from the water.

    A built-in thermal fuse shuts off power automatically to prevent over-heating.

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