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The Warm Charm

Large Electric Heat Pack with Cover

Large Electric Heat Pack with Cover

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The Large Warm Charm is comes with a sturdy cover. It fits in your hand so you can effectively focus the heat wherever you need it: at your neck, shoulder, hip, groin, arm, tummy or knee etc to relieve aches and pain.​​


EASY & SAFE: 10 minutes charging, then retains heat for 2 to 3 hours. 

PRE-FILLED & SEALED: Simply charge it up and it's good to go. 

COMPACT & PORTABLE: Charge it up then take it out with you for long walks or car journeys.

COVER: Includes a cover with a hand strap. 


Do take care when handling the heat pack once it's been charged as it can feel very hot.

This product comes with a heat pack, a cover and a charger.

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